The convincing option for the broadcast and motion picture industry

Offering a wide range of products, from LED systems for professional use in broadcast and motion pictures up to tungsten and HMI Fresnel lens spotlights, FILMGEAR is an international leading manufacturer for the motion picture and broadcast industry. Headquartered in Hong Kong FILMGEAR employs 400 staff and operates a large professional lighting factory in Guangzhou since 1998, on an area of 70,000 square meters. 

FILMGEAR is part of the large CINERENT Group, one of the most comprehensive film equipment rental companies in the Asia Pacific with more than 1,500 employees, featuring long-term experience in motion picture industry. So it is little wonder that FILMGEAR has initially focused on the development and production of lights for the motion picture industry. For many years successful business the company expands its product range now toward the needs of broadcast and entertainment industry.

FILMGEAR Inc., subsidiary of FILMGEAR, based in California looks after the America market.      

Worldwide support is secured by a large distribution network around the globe. Nowadays FILMGEAR is actively represented in many countries. The high production quality is one of the reasons why FILMGEAR products are found in the most famous broadcast centers, cinema studios and rental companies around the globe.

 Filmgear in a nutshell:   

   ~ Broad range of lighting products which meet the needs of motion picture and broadcast professionals.   

    ~ Convincing quality at a reasonable price.   

    ~ High production standards, constantly monitored. 

    ~ Advanced degree of vertical integration secures quality control.   

   ~ Long-term experience in motion picture industry leads to solutions for practical application. 

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